Sliding Windows

In spaces that are too small and don’t have sufficient space for a window to open, sliding uPVC windows work best. These windows open and close by sliding them from one side to another or from bottom to top. These windows can be vertical, horizontal, long or short based on one’s requirements. However, sliding windows don’t offer the best insulation and may require slightly more care in dusty regions.

Filp & Fold

These windows can be opened from the top or bottom and are very easy to maintain. Further, based on the amount of ventilation required, one can adjust how much to open the tilt and turn window. During rainy season especially, one can open the window just slightly to enjoy the cool breeze without worrying about water splotches.

Casement Windows

This window solution comprises of a side hinge that opens outward. UPVC casement windows are a popular choice as they are easy to operate and can be installed anywhere in the home. Popular installation choices for this window type are found to be over a sink or appliance. They are perfect in spaces where the window size isn’t too big and ventilation is a requirement. In addition, this window solution is extremely easy to operate and can be customized to a variety of designs based on your preferences.

Casement windows also brighten up your space naturally as they let in an abundance of light.


These window solutions can be in the form of single or double hung windows. Single hung windows are fixed at the top but can be slid up at the bottom. Double hung windows conversely are fixed at the bottom but openable on top. As these windows are only half openable at any time, they are perfect for ventilation but not much for a big view. However, they offer added safety to individuals while also being extremely easy to maintain.

Fixed or Sealed Windows

Expansive and breath-taking — fixed windows can offer a wonderful view of the outside and open up the space. These windows are installed in a way that is fixed permanently and cannot be opened at any time. However, due to their sealed nature, they also offer the best level of insulation. Sound level, heat, and dust, all remain in the exteriors without disrupting your interiors. Additionally, they can also be used with a light tinted glass to reduce the amount of light and glare coming in. This window works best in places that do not require any ventilation but offer a good outdoor view.

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